20 New Nymph-Head step-by-step tying instructions

To support the launch of the 2011 Nymph-Head bead ranges, members of the Flymen Pro Tying have created 20 new fly patterns with full step-by-step tying instructions and photos.

These are now available for you http://flymenfishingcompany.org/flytying/nymph-head-patterns/

Flies tied with Nymph-Head HEAVY METAL tungsten beads include:

Berg’s Caddis Larve tied by Ed Berg

JC’s Electric Caddis tied by John Collins

Nymph Skin Pupa tied by Leif Ehnstrom

Voodoo Stonefly tied by Bill Chandler

Rainbow Scud tied by Anthony Giaquinto

ARF Devil’s Doorman tied by Al Ritt

Mike’s Metalhead ESM tied by Mike Schmidt

Gaja’s Special tied by Fabrizio Gajardoni

Little Black Stone tied by John Collins

Chilli Pepper tied by Tony Spezio

Flies tied with Nymph-Head FLYCOLOR brass beads include:

Olive FC Scud tied by Chris Watson

Bugaboo tied by Mike Schmidt

Nick’s Pick Volume IV tied by Vern-O

Red-Headed Sparrow tied by Rob Galante

Firebug Midge – tied by Anthony Giaquinto

HM Tellico Nymph tied by Mike Stewart

The Whirling Dervish tied by Greg Becker

Swimming ISO Nymph tied by Dan Caruso

Stone-A-Mite Wiggler tied by Steve Wascher

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