Attaching the Head

Fitting the Fish-Skull® to your fly is quick and simple.

To summarize the steps:

  1. Tie in all the materials first.
  2. Fit the Fish-Skull® onto the front of the fly.
  3. Tie a small “thread-dam” in front of the Fish-Skull®.

Step 1:            Tie in all your streamer materials first.x


Important Tip #1: When you tie your material down, you must leave a small gap of about a hook eye width between your thread head and the eye of the hook. This “gap” is necessary to provide some room for the Fish-Skull® and the securing thread wraps.

You will naturally want to create the thread head right up against the eye of the hook like you typically would do with a normal fly. Fight your instinct and leave a small gap!  After a few flies you will get the spacing right.

Important Tip #2: Build up your thread head to a size that allows the Fish-Skull® to fit “snugly” over your thread wraps and materials. This will be different for every fly you tie and is 100% dependent on the amount and type of materials you are using for the particular fly pattern you are tying. For example: a sparsely tied fly will have a smallish thread head after your materials are tied in; therefore, you may have to build up a bigger head by using more thread wraps than usual.  You won’t have to do this with bulkier flies.

I designed the Fish-Skull® with a lot of internal space to cater for streamers that use lots of bulkier materials like zonker strips, synthetic fibers, bunny wraps, hackle, feathers etc… enjoy!

Step 2:            Fit the Fish-Skull® onto the front of the fly.x


Lightly coat the thread wraps with some Super Glue. Simply coat the thread head all around (top, bottom, sides). A slight overlap onto the materials is fine (it all gets covered by the Fish-Skull™, so no need to be too neat and tidy!) Give it 20-30 seconds to start drying a bit, and then fit the fish head.

Note: I use Gorilla Super Glue, but any brand of quick drying super glue should work just fine. Try and get one that is specified for materials that include metal.


Fit the Fish-Skull® over the eye of the hook and position it on the front of the fly. You will find that it will naturally fit neatly over your thread wraps and materials.

Important Tip #3: You now have a unique opportunity to position your materials exactly how you want them on the fly before the glue sets. While the super glue is drying, you typically you will have about a minute or two to re-arrange your streamer materials exactly as desired. For example: if you want a broader profile fly you could position the materials in an Hi Tie position and once the glue dries it stays in place.

The ability to get a 2nd chance to get your materials positioned “just right” after having tied in all your materials is a major advantage of Fish-Skull®!


Step 3:            Tie a small “thread-dam” in front of the Fish-Skull.®x


Re-attach your tying thread and tie a small “thread-dam” between the front of the Fish-Skull® and the eye of the hook.

Important Tip #4: Feel free to change your thread color to suit the pattern you are tying. For example: Use white or mono thread if you want the thread wraps to be invisible, or use a colored thread to accent the fly. (I like to use red thread to add a little red to the fly, but this is personal preference.)


Tie off and cement. This small step locks everything tightly in place and 100% guarantees the head will never come off (even if the super glue fails which it won’t!). You will have to totally destroy your fly before you ever get the head off!


Step 4:  Attach the 3D Fish Eyes with glue.