Egg-Sucking Flash Minnow™

The Egg-Sucking Flash Minnow™, designed by Mike Smith, is an extremely effective fly that is quick and simple to tie.

Fish-Skull Egg-Sucking Flash Minnow

Fish-Skull Egg-Sucking Flash Minnow™


Hook                            Size #6, standard 4XL streamer, down-eye.

Fish-Skull®                 Fish-Skull®, size Small, color (silver or gold as per the fly variation being tied).

Eyes                            3.0mm 3D eyes, colors (gold to match gold Fish-Skull™, silver to match silver Fish-Skull™).

Thread                          8/0 or 6/0, color (white or olive as per the fly variation being tied).

Egg                               Nymph-Head® FlyColor™ brass bead, 4.0mm (5/32”), color bloodworm red.

Body                             Extra Select Craft Fur (white or olive as per the fly variation being tied).

Flash                             Fish-Skull® Flash Generator™ (silver or gold as per the fly variation being tied). Available in shopping cart.

Materials for Egg-Sucking Flash Minnow

Materials for Egg-Sucking Flash Minnow™


There are 2 different color variations:

#1 “OLIVE”

Fish-Skull® (gold), Eyes (gold), Flash Generator™ (gold), Craft Fur (olive), Thread (olive).




#2         “WHITE”

Fish-Skull® (silver), Eyes (silver), Flash Generator (silver), Craft Fur (white), Thread (white).





The Egg-Sucking Flash Minnow™ is a very effective fly that is quick and simple to tie.


Summary of Steps:

  1. Add the Flash Generator™, bead and Fish-Skull® to the hook.
  2. Tie in the craft fur body.
  3. Secure the Fish-Skull™ and bead.
  4. Stick on the Eyes and trim the body.

Step 1: Add the Flash Generator™, bead and Fish-Skull™ to the hook.

FS ES Flash Minnow_1

Put the Flash Generator™, then the bead, then the Fish-Skull® onto the hook as shown. Important: Make sure the Flash Generator is facing the correct way as per the diagram.

Then put the hook into the vise at a 45° angle and make sure the Flash Generator™, bead and Fish-Skull® slide down as far as possible to the eye of the hook. This is your starting position.

FS ES Flash Minnow_2

Start your thread as far down as possible inside the Fish-Skull® as shown in the photo. Put your thread across the “slots” on the Fish-Skull and start your thread. Immediately make 10-15 wraps in this one place to form a small “thread-dam” inside the Fish-Skull™.

FS ES Flash Minnow_3

Then work slowly backwards laying a neat layer of thread over the hook shank as far as the bend of the hook. Then work your way forwards making sure the entire hook shank is covered by thread. Bring your thread back to the starting position.

Step 2:   Tie in the craft fur body.

FS ES Flash Minnow_4

Cut off a small tapered clump of Craft Fur and comb it straight to remove any small or loose fibers.

Tip: Cut off the clump as close to the “skin” of the patch of Craft Fur as possible to get a piece of fur that is naturally tapered in the shape of a small minnow. Hold that piece tightly in your fingers to maintain that natural shape and tie onto the hook.

FS ES Flash Minnow_5

Carefully insert the craft fur inside the Fish-Skull™ as far as it will go and then very carefully make two or 3 loose thread wraps to secure the fur onto and around the hook shank. Then do several tighter wraps to secure in place.

FS ES Flash Minnow_6

Tip: Try to spread the craft fur around the hook shank as evenly as possible. We suggest you do this in two stages: i. First add a small piece of craft fur on the top and tie it in straight. Ii. Then add a 2nd smaller piece of craft fur on the bottom and tie it in straight.

The goal should be to make a simple minnow body that is tapered, is tied on straight and covers the hook shank.

FS ES Flash Minnow_7

After the craft fur body is tied in, then use your whip finisher and carefully do a few whip finishes (or use a few half hitches) to hold the thread securely in place. Cut the thread.

Step 3: Secure the Fish-Skull® and bead.

FS ES Flash Minnow_8

Carefully…use a super glue (or Zap-A-Gap) with a thin nozzle and put a light coating of glue on the thread wraps inside the Fish-Skull®. Don’t make a mess on the outside of the skull!

FS ES Flash Minnow_9

Then slide the Fish-Skull® backwards onto the craft fur as far as it will go and it will stick securely into place against the thread wraps.

Important: Make sure the Fish-Skull® is straight and in-line with the hook shank and is not twisted. At this time, make any final adjustments to the craft fur i.e. pull it straight and into position before the glue dries.

Important: Make sure the Fish-Skull® is not upside down. In other words, the heavier part of the Fish-Skull® that has most of the metal on it must be at the bottom as shown above. If your fly does not look like this…then you have done it wrong!

FS ES Flash Minnow_10

Re-position the fly in the vise so that the hook is now horizontal and straight.

FS ES Flash Minnow_11

Re-attach your tying thread in front of the Fish-Skull® and tie a small “thread dam” to securely lock the skull firmly in place against the craft fur body.

FS ES Flash Minnow_12

Tie-off your thread. Carefully add a small drop of super glue to the thread wraps.

Note: Be very careful not to get any glue on either the bead or the Fish-Skull®. (Keep it clean!)

FS ES Flash Minnow_13

Use the Flash Generator™ to push the bead backwards against the Fish-Skull®. It will stick to the super glue on the thread dam which is now inside the hollow hole in the back of the bead. This make for a really strong, durable fly!

FS ES Flash Minnow_14

The fly is almost complete. If you did the spacing correctly, there will be a nice “gap” between the bead and the Flash Generator™. This gap is a little smaller than the width of the bead and gives the Flash Generator ™ enough space to rotate freely in the water.

FS ES Flash Minnow_16

This is the top view of the fly. Notice the craft fur body is nice and straight, and the gap is the correct size.

Step 4:   Stick on the Eyes and trim the body.

The final step is stick on the eyes, then trim the craft fur body to the right size and proportions.

FS ES Flash Minnow_17

Apply a small amount of super glue on the middle of each eye socket and stick on the 3D Fish Eyes. Note: Be careful not to mess any glue on the outside of the Fish-Skull®.

FS ES Flash Minnow_18

To finish the fly, take a very sharp scissors and gently stroke backwards across the fibers (top and bottom) as shown to get a nice tapered minnow body shape. You will find this gentle stroking action gives you maximum control and removes only a few fibers at a time allowing you to get a nice tapered body.

FS ES Flash Minnow_19

The finished fly! As a guideline, the total length should be about 2 hook shanks length long. In other words, the back “tail section” from the back of the hook should be about the same length as the front section.

FS ES Flash Minnow_20

Now go and catch a BIG fish!