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July 16, 2014  Flymen Fishing Company Launches 2015 Portfolio (.pdf) (MS Word .doc)

July 10, 2013 Flymen Fishing Company Launches 2014 Products

June 4, 2013  Flymen Fishing Company Launches Chocklett’s Articulated Big Game Shank

February 6, 2013  Flymen Fishing Company Launches the Mini Sculpin Helmet

August 16, 2012    Flymen Fishing Company Launches 2013 products

August 19, 2011    Flymen Fishing Company Expands the Fish-Skull brand

December 7, 2010  Flymen Fishing Company Announces the Next Generation of Fly Tying Beads

August 1, 2010   The Forage Fly Now Available

April 9, 2010   Flymen Fishing Company Launches the Fish-Skull™

September 10, 2009   Announcing the Fire Bug™ Midge

May 1, 2009   Flymen Fishing Company Adds Unique New Anodized Colors

September 14, 2008   Flymen Fishing Company Announces New Fly Tying Products for 2009

.Print Media

Winter, 2015 “New for the Bench”Fly Fishing and Tying Journal

February, 2014 “Best New Fly Fishing Gear” — Outdoor Canada

Winter, 2014 New for the Bench”Fly Fishing and Tying Journal

Winter, 2013 New for the BenchFly Fishing and Tying Journal

Winter, 2012 New for the BenchFly Fishing and Tying Journal

September, 2011  FiskogFri Magazine (Denmark)

Summer, 2011  “Weighting It Out” — Fly Fishing Salt Water

Winter,  2010  “The Bead Revolution Continues”Fly Tyer Magazine

Online News

January, 2015 Material of the WeekOrvis News

January, 2015 “Product Showcase” — Fish Enchantment

September, 2014  “Award-winning Fish-Skull Fly Tester Poses Questions”Angling International

June/July 2014   Company ProfileSouthern Trout Magazine (pp. 120-123)

December, 2013 “High Flying Flymen” — Tackle Trade World (p.52)

November, 2013 “Fly Tying: Flymen Fishing Company 2014 Products”Gink and Gasoline

July, 2013  “New fly-fishing bait imitates swim motion!” –  Las Vegas Review Journal

January, 2013  “Flymen Fishing Company Comes to Aide of Tiers”Angling International

August, 2012 “IFTD: Flymen Fishing Company Back on Podium“  – Angling International

April, 2012  “A Closer Look at the Fish Skull”  — The One Fly

March, 2012 “Spotlight on Innovation:  Flymen Fishing Company”   — Angling Trade

February, 2012  “Small Head Bangers–The Way of the Fly

October, 2010  “Flymen Fishing Offers Two New Fly Tying Materials“  — MidCurrent

April, 2010  “Product Spotlight: Fish-Skulls”  — Hatches Magazine.

February, 2010  “Tangled Up in Blue” by LeVern “Vern-O” Burm  – Hatches Magazine

June, 2009 “Flymen Fishing Company adds Anodized Beads” Hatches Magazine

April, 2009  “Realistic Nymph-Head™ Tungsten Fly Tying Beads Now in Natural Fly Colors”  — Hatches Magazine.