We receive emails from across the world that testify to the success of our products.  Here are a just few of them:

It was a great trip to Venice, LA, chartered through The Mexican Gulf Fishing Company in mid-April of this year. I had tied a collection of bait-fish streamers specifically for the purpose of targeting the Yellowfin Tuna. White, Pink, Blue, some flash and a large gold Fish-Skull. The first day of fishing was hard…uncooperative weather and such. With the focus on finding fish there was little opportunity to inject a fly. We picked our way from rig to rig moving west, and as we did the fishing improved. On the second day, we started where we left off, with immediate success. As the day was nearing its end, I started itching at the opportunity to rig-up. We had a box full of tuna already, so I conspicuously threaded my 9 wt Helios.

You have to understand we were trolling spread of Ballyhoo on 30s and 60s, so the appearance of a 9 wt met with understandable skepticism. I stated my desire to the skipper, and he unenthusiastically said, “It’s your charter.” My fishing buddies were busy getting some sun and gave permission gladly. I had the mate pull one of the trolling baits and proceeded to let out my Fish-Skull in its place. In other words, this was not a matter of chumming fish to the surface and dumping a fly onto a feeding frenzy or picking off a hungry follower, which are a couple of ways I have seen blue water fish caught on the fly. I have also seen dolphin caught by traditional casting at a weed line or flotsam, admittedly a more pure form of the sport, but also one that was not available to me. And here’s the thing, the keel of the Fish-Skull was key. Pulling the fly along, even at just a few knots, would be doomed to failure if the fly were prone to twist. My fly looked beautiful as I let out line (the whole of the WF9F and about 100 feet of backing). The mate suggested I work at about 50 feet behind the dredge teaser, and so I did. In position, I could see the fly intermittently surfing down a wave face, etc. I was pleased with the appearance.

I did not see the fish strike, but I sure felt it. I would not recommend this tactic without a Billy Pate anti-reverse such as I was using or very keen attention to the matter. Going from no fish to 30 pound Yellowfin in an instant at trolling speed could easily bust some knuckles. The rest of the story is history and an experience I will never forget. Thanks for making a fabulous product.

William B. Swent

Greenville, SC



I picked up a package of the small brown Sculpin Helmets this Saturday at my local fly shop and followed the instructions on this site and tied me up Skulpin Bunnies. Yesterday I headed down the road, and fished the sculpin pattern for only about 10 minutes and landed a beautiful 22″ rainbow and then a second 30″ rainbow. Love the Fish-Skulls and would like to send you a photo of the 30″ bow.


J.T. Turner–Project Healing Waters








I am the first to admit that I am not an expert at anything concerning fly fishing but the gods were with me [while fishing for tiger fish in Tanzania].  Rob Scott, one of the guides, really liked the Fish-Skulls.  He thought that besides the weight that got it down, the contours of the head slid easier between the tigers’ teeth allowing for penetration of the hook point.  Dumbell eyes tend to get caught up in the teeth.

Your orientation of the Skull head makes a lot of sense.  I think it’s these fish with big teeth and hard mouths that have me trying to maximize hook gap.  I’ll pay a little more attention as to how my upside-down version rides in the water.  I’ll experiment with both orientations.

I believe that the Fish-Skulls made the difference between catching good fish and catching amazing fish.

Cheers, Tim Joern



I am a fishing guide on Kootenay Lake up in British Columbia, Canada.  We consistently catch Rainbow Trout between 5 Lbs – 25 Lbs. Here are some photo’s from the last 3 days of fishing on Kootenay Lake testing Fish Skulls on our lake.  This is the first attempt to use these and they definitely caught fish.

Kerry Reed
Reel Adventures Charters
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My name is Patricio Carey, I’m from Argentina, but currently I’m living, working and fishing in Mexico.  Last year I discovered the Fish Skull products on the website of one of my former fly tying materials supplier “Docs Fly Box,” and I bought the first two bags. Really easy to use, simple to match, and simply looking at the shank with the Skull it is really easy to make the pattern… I mean… you can project the pattern only seeing the skull on the shank. To offer almost half of the idea of a fly, for me, that is simply excellent. I’m really happy and say to you that your products and concepts bring ease and excellent quality to my tying bench. And I’m happy for that.

Best Regards,

PS: See attached some of the flies that I’ve tied.

Patricio Carey
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 From his blog entry on the Skulpin Helmet (used on a Bunny fly):

I had to look at it on the end of his line. He had it on a zonker rabbit strip with olive and black feathers. The hook rode upward. I liked this because you get lots less snags. The thing looked big and clunky. He lost three right away because his tippet was too small. He sized up his line and the fun began. Four hours later and Luke had landed 25 trout; I was a believer. I landed 20 batting clean-up in each hole. We both scored a brookie/brown/bow trifectas and Luke caught the biggest trout of his lifetime!

Sweet invention–

Len Harris, Wisconsin


Fish skull products are by far the most innovative tying materials to come along in recent years, maybe ever, for tying large flies for predatory fish. From pike to trout Flymen Fishing Company products get the job done! 
Matt Bickford, Maine River Guides
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You guys are making great products!  Time to give back:
Mark Martin,  Guide at  www.idahorivers.com
Dear Flymen,

You have some great products that have put a lot of fish in my boat for my customers.   I’ve included a photo of a set of 3 Forage Flies which, over the past 2 1/2 weeks have caught 470 fish  — mainly white bass and hybrid striped bass that were feeding on topwater.

They are ready for retirement now — the rabbit hair is gone, the tails are threadbare, and the tails have been trimmed smooth, but they caught fish right up until 9:15am yesterday morning!!

 Forage Fly