FS Forage Fly™

.Forage are small fish which are preyed on by larger predators for food.”– wikipedia.org.

The Forage Fly™ combines the unique features of the Fish-Skull® head with natural body materials and a “frantic tail” to create an incredibly authentic baitfish imitation that is as versatile as it is realistic. While originally designed to target river species, such as trout and smallmouth bass, this pattern has proven itself equally effective at catching a broad range of many other fresh and saltwater species.  BUY NOW!

Forage Fly

Forage Fly™


“This incredible baitfish imitation is a staple in my repertoire of bass flies and has proven itself time and again as the number one big fish fly on the New River—a world class ‘smallie’ destination. While some anglers may have a tendency to ‘overwork’ the fly by fishing it in short, fast strips much like they might other weighted streamers, the secret is to make long, deliberate strips, allowing the natural action of the pattern to work. Because of the subtle tail motion, the most effective presentation is created by mending the line while sight fishing the fly as it gradually descends in the water column and setting the hook abruptly when it disappears! And, best of all, the Forage Fly™ works equally well for many other fresh and saltwater species.”

 – Mike Smith, New River Fly Fishing

MIKE SMITH (Photo By Beau Beasley)

 Video interview with Mike Smith

Hook Size: #1 Streamer

Color Variations:  Black, Chartreuse Tan, and White

For fly tiers … here are the step-by-step instructions.

Forage Fly™

Forage Fly™