FS Saltwater Forage Fly™

“Forage fish are small fish which are preyed on by larger predators for food.” - wikipedia.org.

The saltwater version of the Forage Fly™ uses a #1 stainless steel hook (tied hook up for shallow inshore situations) combined with a medium-small size Fish-Skull™ in a variety of exciting saltwater colors.  This pattern features our new “silky skin” Frantic Tails™ made from a synthetic, nearly indestructible–bite resistant–material.

This authentic and versatile baitfish pattern has proven effective for snook, striped bass, false albacore . . . . and the list goes on.  BUY NOW!

Hook: #1 Saltwater

Color Variations:

  • White & Blue
  • White & Grey
  • White & Olive
  • White & Pink
Fish-Skull Saltwater Forage Fly

Fish-Skull® Saltwater Forage Fly™


This big South Carolina redfish ate a Saltwater Forage Fly™!