The Fish-Skull® CrawBody™ is a realistic, anatomically correct crayfish (“crawdad”) exoskeleton that is made of the same light-weight, synthetic suede material as the Fish-Skull™ Frantic Tails™.

CrawBodies™ are easy to use enabling even a novice fly tier to create simple, but effective crayfish imitations.  BUY NOW!

Olive CrawBodies™

CrawBody™ Q&A

Q: How many colors are there?

A: We offer the two basic crayfish colors–olive & brown–and intend to expand the color range at a later date. One of the great advantages of synthetic suede fabric is that it accepts permanent marker pen very well which allows fly tiers to make subtle color changes or markings as desired.

Q: How do you get so much detail on the bodies?

A: Each suede body is precision laser cut making each body 100% identical and with very fine detail (for example, see the detail on the claws of the small CrawBody™ which is only 1″ (2.5cm)  long).


Q: What happens when the suede material gets wet ?

A: Once in the river, the suede fabric absorbs water, gets a little darker and takes on a very natural looking “leathery” appearance. The suede becomes softer, resulting in much more action from the free-moving crayfish claws.

Q: How many sizes are there and how do you suggest we weight CrawBody™ flies?

A:  There are four sizes:  The SMALL size matches #8 or #6 streamer (4XL) hooks.  The MEDIUM size matches  #4 or #2 streamer (4XL) hooks and can be weighted with the Mini size Sculpin Helmet.  The LARGE size matches #2 and #1 streamer (4XL) hooks and can be weighted with the Mini or Small size Sculpin Helmet™.  The X-LARGE size matches #1 and larger streamer hooks (4XL) and can be weighted with the Large size Sculpin Helmet™.  These flies need to be fished deep, on the bottom where crayfish typically hide. Tie your flies in a hook upwards position and use a Sculpin Helmet™, lead wraps on the shank or a dumbbell to weight the fly.

Q: How can I determine the correct combination of CrawBody™ sizes, hook sizes, and weighting options for my fly?

A: We have created a simple document to assist you.   Click here for the CrawBody™ Architecture document.

Q: How many CrawBodies™ per pack?

A: Eight bodies per pack.


CrawBody™ Fly

Brown CrawBodies™













Q: How effective are CrawBody™ flies?

A: During testing they proved to be extremely effective, especially for trout and smallmouth bass. We suspect the key success factors are a combination of 3 main factors:

  • Profile — the correct body shape allows fish to instantly recognize a known food source.
  • Movement — the synthetic suede claws have a realistic action in the water.
  • Weight — weighting the fly properly gets the fly down into the place where fish would expect to see crayfish.

Q: Will you have some CrawBody™ fly patterns for us?

A: Yes, we will be posting some basic crayfish patterns to give you some ideas and help you get started.  Click here for step-by-step instructions on how to tie the Skull Daddy.

  CrawBody™ Architecture Document