Flash Generator™

This is the key “flash” material used in the new Fish-Skull® Egg Sucking Flash Minnow (ESFM) pattern which we have made available as a stand-alone fly tying material to meet the strong demand from fly tiers who wish to tie their own ESFM style of flies.  BUY NOW!

Egg Sucking Flash Minnow

Flash Generator  Q & A:

Q: What is the Flash Generator™ and how is it used?

A: The Flash Generator™ is made out of a extremely lightweight, flashy metal and can be used in different ways in fly design to generate a fish-enticing flash and to add a little weight to the fly. As an example, it can be positioned on the shank in front of a fly tying bead where its perfect in-line balance produces continuous movement (even when dead-drifted or on the drop) or it can be added as an appendage to other parts of your streamer to produce flash. An example of this type of fly is Senyo’s Gangsta Minnow (see below) where it is hung from the back of an articulated shank.

Senyo’s Gangsta Minnow

Q: What colors are available?

A: Gold and Silver.

Q: What size hooks does it fit?

A: This will vary from fly-to-fly, but typically you would use this on a #6 or #4 streamer hook.

Q: How many are in a pack?

A: There are 8 Flash Generators™ per pack.

Fish-Skull Flash Generator

The Flash Generator™ allows you to tie the Egg Sucking Flash Minnow and supports the growing trend for incorporating non-traditional materials into modern fly design.