Fly Tester™

The Fish-Skull® Fly Tester™ enables fly tiers to “swim-test” and, ultimately, design better fly patterns.  It also provides fly shops, outdoor retailers, and commercial fly companies with a compelling way to demonstrate flies to their customers.  BUY NOW!

“BEST IN SHOW” Award Winner at the 2014 International Fly Tackle Dealer (IFTD) show (Orlando, FL)


The Fly Tester™ is an innovative, complete out-of-the-box solution for fly testing and demonstration that fills a key gap in the traditional process of developing a successful fly:  DESIGN → TIE → TEST → CATCH FISH

 Key Features:

  • High quality, crystal-clear, acrylic swim tank with innovative (bi-directional) water flow design.
  • Upper, middle, and lower sections allow you to swim up to 3 different types of flies (streamers, nymphs and surface flies) at the same time.
  • Test streamer flies up to a foot long!
  • The slim line design is light-weight (less 8 lbs.), portable with a small footprint for any fly tying table or shop counter.
  • Powerful water pump with adjustable speed flow control.
  • Retail ready (boxed and bar coded).
  • 1-year limited warranty.
  • Retail price of $285.

What does it do for me?

The Fly Tester™ is an essential tool to complete every fly tier’s table: fly tying tools and lamp, fly tying materials and now a fly tester.

UseThisOneFor Fly Tiers:

  • Design better and more effective flies (by testing before you go fishing) and shorten the fly development life-cycle!  Now you can observe  the action of your fly immediately after you’ve tied it in the comfort of your own home or at your  fly tying bench–before you tie a dozen of them and discover they don’t swim or look right in the water!
  • Allows you to video your fly creations and post to social networks and websites.

       For Fly Shops and Outdoor Retailers:

  • Demonstrate products in counter top Fly Tester™ and create a talking point to engage and excite your in-store customers with movement and action of flies at the point of purchase!  Also serves as a  tool to test your own in-store fly designs!
  • Increase sales by selling Fly Testers™ to your fly tying customers (sell tying materials, tools and now testing equipment)!
  • Create a buzz and draw a crowd to your booth at fly fishing shows!

“I demo’d my fly tester at the IFFF show in Crystal River and what a hit . . . the Fish-Skull Fly Tester was the main attraction in our booth. While many of us were tying in the convention center,  I was busy testing their flies. Strange enough we also found many flaws (even mine) that required tweaking.”   Captain Chuck Skinner, Fort Myers, FL

 Fly Tester Q & A:   

       Q:  Tell me more about the innovative design?

        A:  The Fly Tester™ is designed to create a steady, circular flow of water around the tank allowing fly tiers to swim and observe flies in two directions and at the same time if desired. The lower section of the tank provides a focused, strong flow of water perfect for testing any size or type of streamer fly up to a 12” (30 cm) in length. The upper section provides a slower, more dispersed flow of water  in the opposite direction, allowing you to test sub-surface flies (nymphs, smaller streamers) and surface flies (foam poppers, sliders etc…).   The pump has a flow control allowing you to adjust (“fine tune”) the speed of the waters to suit the type and size of fly being tested.

 Q:  What is the Fly Tester comprised of?

 A:   Everything you need is included in the box: an acrylic test tank, water pump, accessories, instructions, and Flymen product information.

 Q:  What types of flies can be tested?

 A:  The Fly Tester is primarily for testing streamers; however, nymphs, emergers and surface flies (poppers, sliders, foam bugs and even dry flies) can also be swum and tested in the middle and upper section.

 Q:  How portable is it?

 A:  Very! The Fly Tester™ is light (8 lbs) with a thin profile making it very easy to carry or transport.

 Q:  What are the dimensions?

 A:  The Fly Tester’s™ height is 12” (31cm) x width 3.5” (9cm) x length 24”(61cm).  It takes up a minimal amount of space on a fly tying table or fly shop counter.  

 Q:  How “retail ready” is it?

 A:  The Fly Tester™ is packaged in an attractive, well-marked retail box making it ready to be stocked and sold in the retail environment.


 Q: Is there a warranty?   Yes, we offer a limited 1 Year Warranty on the pump and on the acrylic tank (leakage only: scratches, cracks and other damage due to owner abuse or mishandling not included). Please register your Fly Tester using the form below.

Q: Are there Instructions?  Yes, click here:  FlyTesterInstructions

Fly Tester Warranty Registration