Living Eyes™

Fish-Skull™ Living Eyes™ are the next generation of 3D fish eyes for fly tying.

Using the latest in photo-realistic holographic technology, Flymen has developed the most realistic range of 3D fish-eyes for fly tying on the planet at a very compelling price point.  We now offer a fully comprehensive range of colors and sizes designed to fit everything from smaller trout patterns to huge predator style flies. No longer will fly tiers have to rely on fish eyes created using an “artist’s impression” of what they think fish eyes look like.  BUY NOW!

Fish-Skull™ Living Eyes™


Living Eyes™ Q & A:

Q:  How many eye styles (colors) are in the Living Eye™ range?

A:  We have created four different eye styles (colors) using high resolution images of real baitfish eyes. We call them EARTH (Green/Brown), WIND (Gold/Yellow), FIRE (Red/Orange) and ICE (Silver) and together these colors will cover the vast majority of  freshwater and saltwater baitfish that fly fishermen try to imitate.

Q:  How many sizes are there?

A:  There are eight sizes:   3 mm (1/8″), 4mm (5/32″), 5mm (3/16″), 6mm (1/4″), 7mm (9/32″), 8.5mm (11/32″), 10mm (3/8″) and 15mm (5/8″).


Q:  Can you tell us more about the PREDATOR size?

Keeping up with demand for big flies to chase muskie, pike, large trout, and various saltwater species, we’ve created the new 15mm (5/8″) PREDATOR SIZE eye.   Finally, eyes proportionate to the size of larger flies designed to trigger an attack response from large, toothy, aggressive species such as golden dorado, peacock bass, tiger fish and barracuda.

Muskie fly tied by Walker Parrott

Q:  How many eyes do I get in a pack?

A:  There are twenty eyes in the 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm,  and 7mm packs and sixteen eyes in the big 8.5mm & 10mm packs and twelve in the 15mm Predator size packs.

Q:  Do they have a self adhesive backing like other 3D eyes on the market?

A:  Yes, but like other eyes we recommend that you use a super glue, epoxy or Clear Cure Goo to stick them securely onto your fly.

Q:  Which sizes will fit the Fish-Skull™ Baitfish Heads and Sculpin Helmets™?

A:  The 3mm and 4mm sizes will fit the SMALL and SMALL-MEDIUM Fish-Skulls as well as ALL sizes of the Sculpin Helmets™.  The  5mm Living Eyes™ will fit the MEDIUM SIZE Fish-Skulls and the 6mm eyes will fit the LARGE SIZE Fish-Skulls.  Living Eyes™ are the de facto standard 3D eyes we include with every pack of Fish-Skulls and Sculpin Helmets™ (all sizes and colors). This adds a lot of extra customer value to the product.

Q:  What is the best way to look at the Living Eyes™?

A:  Go outside into the natural light and you will get a true appreciation of what the eyes will look like under normal fishing conditions. Indoors under artificial light, the holographic material we use in the eyes unfortunately tends to reflect light in multiple directions which sometimes makes it hard to clearly see the Living Eyes’™ fine detail and wonderful colors.

Q:  Are the Living Eyes™ hard or soft to the touch?

A:  They are fairly rigid in order to hold their shape, but under some pressure they are flexible and feel slightly soft. Just like real eyes!

Q:  Do you have any tying tips or tricks for sticking the 6mm eyes onto the LARGE size Fish-Skulls?

A:  We made the 6mm Living Eyes™ exactly the same size as the eye socket of the Large size Fish-Skulls and as a result they are a very tight fit. We recommend you put a small spot of super-glue in the eye socket and position the eye in place as normal. Then, wait a minute of two, place a cloth over the Fish-Skull and then squeeze hard with both eyes between your thumb and forefinger. This squeezing together  “pops” the eyes into place in the socket and you are good to go!

Alternatively, just use a 5mm Living Eye™ which is slightly smaller.