Mini Sculpin Helmet™

The Mini Sculpin Helmet™ is a smaller, versatile version of the popular Fish-Skull® Sculpin Helmet that has been specially developed for tying a broad range of freshwater and saltwater flies.

The “Mini” is the newest addition to the Sculpin Helmet™ family and is perfect for tying smaller, weighted streamers to target freshwater species such as trout and saltwater “flats” species such as bonefish and redfish.

The smaller head is much lighter and about the same width as standard size bead-chain eyes. This makes for easier casting and allows the fly to enter the water with less disturbance than heavier versions or dumbbells. In addition, the Mini Sculpin Helmet has an innovative new weed guard feature and is designed to fit a much larger range of hook sizes.  BUY NOW!

The new Mini size Sculpin Helmet™

 Key Features:

  • A smaller and lighter Sculpin Helmet.
  • Fits hooks in the #10 up to #2 hook size range.
  • Innovative new weed guard feature.
  • Larger, more bulbous Living Eyes™.
  • Freshwater and saltwater colors — Olive, Brown, and Silver.
  • Realistic flat and broad profile.
  • Innovative front-fitting design makes it quick and easy to tie.
  • Designed with a heavily weighted keel to ensure hook up position.
  • Front slot designed for hooks and tube flies.
  • Made in the USA.

The Mini Sculpin Helmet


Mini Sculpin Helmet™ Q&A:

Q:        How many sizes are there now in the Sculpin Helmet™ family? 

A:         There are now 3 sizes; the new Mini, Small and Large sizes.

Q:        How big is the new Mini size?

A:         The Mini size is about 25% smaller than the Small size Sculpin Helmet™ enabling anglers to tie smaller, lighter flies that are easier to cast. For perspective, it is about the same width as standard bead-chain eyes.

Q:        What hook sizes can be used?

A:         The Mini is designed with a specially enlarged front slot to fit a much wider range of hook sizes: typically in the #10, #8, #6, #4 or #2 size range.   This increased flexibility in hook sizes allows the Mini to be used in a wide variety of freshwater and saltwater fly patterns.

Q:        What are some typical FRESHWATER flies that could be tied?

A:         The Mini will allow you to tie smaller, weighted trout streamers on a #10, #8 or #6 hook.

Example:  Smaller sculpin or baitfish imitations for use in shallower streams can easily be cast with a #4 or #5 weight fly rod.

Mini crayfish flies.

Q:        What are some typical SALTWATER flies that could be tied?

A:         The size and “always hook upwards” orientation of the Mini offers a viable alternative to using bead chain eyes or small dumbbells for typical shrimp, crab or toad flies that target saltwater “flats” species such as bonefish, permit and redfish.

Example: The ability to put an oversized hook (#4 or #2) on the relatively small, lightweight Mini is perfect for tying typical bonefish flies like a Gotcha or a Crazy Charlie.

Mini bonefish flies.

Q:        What is the new weed guard feature?

A:         The Mini has a small hole on top of the head that will allow you to add a simple weed guard if you desire.

Example: A simple weed-guard can be created using 20 lb or 30 lb mason hard type mono-filament or  titanium wire. This option is sometimes an important feature for flats flies being fished in a weedy area.

Q:        Does the Mini come with Living Eyes?

A:         Yes, we include a full set of Fish-Skull® Living Eyes™ with the Mini.

Q:        What colors does the Mini Sculpin Helmet™ come in?

A:         We offer a choice of 3 colors that should cover most freshwater and saltwater applications namely Olive, Brown and Silver.

Q:        What is the “weighted keel?”

A:         Sculpin Helmet flies are designed to be fished deep with the hook riding in the “hook upwards” position to avoid getting caught on the bottom. Therefore, the Sculpin Helmet™ is designed so that 70% of it’s weight and the center-of-gravity is situated below the shank of the hook. This heavily weight “keel” or bottom gives a “dumbell effect” to the fly which means it will always land and swim in the hook up position.

Q:        Can I use the Mini Sculpin Helmet™ for tube flies?

A:         Yes! The front slot has been designed so that both hooks and tube flies can be tied.

Q:        What do I get in each pack of Mini  Sculpin Helmets™?

A:         There are 8 helmets in each pack. We also include a full set of Fish-Skull® Living Eyes which eliminates the additional cost of buying the 3D eyes separately.

Q:        Is the tying method for the Mini the same as the other size Sculpin Helmets™ or Fish-Skulls®?

A:         Yes. The basic method of tying is exactly the same; i.e. tie in all your materials first and then fit the Sculpin Helmet last from the front of the fly.

Steps:   (i)    Start by building your fly by tying-in all the tail, body and wing materials. Wrap a small thread-head and tie off your thread. Make sure you leave a generous gap between your thread-head and the eye of the hook to have room to fit the Sculpin Helmet™.  (ii)   Coat your thread wraps lightly with some Zap-A-Gap or similar glue and then fit the Sculpin Helmet™ from the front of the fly. Position in place and make any final adjustments to your materials.  (iii)   Re-attach your tying thread between the Sculpin Helmet™ and the eye of the hook and carefully wrap a neat “thread-dam” to lock the Helmet firmly in place. Tie-off and cement the thread wraps.  (iv)   Finish off the fly by sticking on the 3D eyes.

Q: Where are the Sculpin Helmets™ made?

A:  They are made at our factory in North Carolina, USA.

Made in the USA