Nymph-Head® Flies

We offer the following fly selections built upon three different styles of beads and beadheads. .

Evolution™ Fly Collection

The first in a series of next generation nymphs tied with the new Evolution™ tungsten beadheads.  Anatomically shaped heads combined with natural colors make the Evolution Fly Collection irresistible.

Nymph-Head® FlyColor Flies

Nymph-Head® flies represent a more convincing imitation of aquatic trout food.

The Firebug™ Midge

Nymph-Head®Heavy Metal Tungsten Nymphs

The Nymph-Head® Heavy Metal fly collection is built upon proven nymph patterns found in every angler’s fly box. The vibrant bead colors offer irresistible fly color combinations. With the addition of “3D nymph eyes,” a more realistic insect profile is born from the fastest sinking tungsten beads on the planet.

HM Pheasant Tail
HM Pheasant Tail Flashback
HM Hares Ear
HM Hare’s Ear Flashback
HM Prince
HM Copper
HM Lightning Bug
HM Stonefly
HM Caddis Larva
HM Caddis Pupa
HM Bird’s Nest