HM Bird’s Nest

The Heavy Metal™ Bird’s Nest is a versatile searching nymph that is very productive as an impressionistic mayfly nymph, or caddis larvae imitation.  BUY NOW!

The natural color with brown tungsten bead makes it a great pattern for imitating mayflies, and lighter color stoneflies.

The olive variation does very well in matching the larval stage of caddis that are so prevalent in our rivers and streams.

Nymph-Head Heavy Metal Birds Nest

Nymph-Head® HM Birds Nest

Hook Sizes:      #12, #14, #16

Purchase:         Sold in convenient 3-Fly Packs

Color Variations:

  • Olive – A green-olive tungsten bead with a matching olive body.
  • Brown – A brown tungsten bead with a matching brown body.