HM Pheasant Tail Flashback

Producing results in even the most over fished stretches of water, this is a time tested fly that is incredibly effective.

Using the simple but deadly power of the Pheasant Tail, the Pheasant Tail Flashback nymph has the addition of a reflective thorax giving this fly a profound advantage on those days when the water can be a little cloudy or churned up.   BUY NOW!

Nymph-Head Heavy Metal Pheasant Tail Flashback

Nymph-Head® HM Pheasant Tail Flashback

Hook Sizes:    #14, #16, #18

Purchase:       Sold in convenient 3-Fly Packs

Color Variations:

  • Brown – A mayfly brown tungsten bead with a matching natural pheasant tail body and tail.
  • Olive – A green-olive tungsten bead with a matching olive body and tail.
  • Black – A black tungsten bead with a matching black body and tail.
NH_PT Flashtail_Olive