HM Prince

Fished on the bounce, the unassuming beadhead Prince nymph is a universal pattern that is especially effective in getting down deep to fish in fast flowing water.

The green HM Prince matches a heavy green tungsten bead with peacock herl used in the fly’s body construction and shimmers brightly when in the water. For a more natural look the black HM Prince has a black tungsten bead with matching black split tail and wing giving the impression of a stonefly or mayfly nymph that has come free from the bottom.  BUY NOW!

Nymph-Head Heavy Metal Prince

Nymph-Head® HM Prince

Hook Sizes:      #12, #14, #16

Purchase:       Sold in convenient 3-Fly Packs

Color Variations:

  • Green – A green-olive tungsten bead to match the green ostrich herl thorax.
  • Black – A black tungsten bead with matching black wings and tail.
Green Prince

Green Prince

Black Prince

Black Prince