HM Stonefly

Designed with realism and movement in mind, the Heavy Metal™ Stonefly has wiggly rubber legs, buggy biot antennae and tails, and layered turkey feather wing cases for that perfect touch of underwater realism.

The large Heavy Metal™ tungsten bead head on this fly provides a bit of flash, a realistic profile and will allow an angler to get the fly right down in the fastest of water columns.  BUY NOW!

Nymph-Head Heavy Metal Stonefly

Nymph-Head® HM Stonefly

Hook Sizes:      #6, #8, #10, #12

Purchase:        Sold in convenient 3-Fly Packs

Color Variations:

  • Black – A black tungsten bead with matching black body.
  • Brown – A brown tungsten bead with matching brown body.