Flymen Fishing Company supports individuals and companies within the fly fishing industry that professionally guide or tie flies using our products. We do this through programs that are specifically tailored to support the unique needs of these groups.


The Fish-Monk Program is designed to support guides and outfitters who utilize our products. It allows our company to formalize a direct relationship with many top guides in the business to better support them in their efforts and activities.

Fly Tier Associates Program

The Fly Tier Associates Program is designed to support the unique needs of those members of the professional fly tying community who enjoy tying with our products.

Commercial Fly Tier (CFT) Program

This program enables our company to support bona-fide commercial fly producers by supplying our unique fly tying materials in bulk quantities at price levels that make it commercially viable to manufacture fishing flies.

Video Content Provider Program

This new program supports fly fishing industry professionals interested in contributing video content relating to our products.

Flymen Fishing Company reserves the right to accept or deny program applications at its discretion.   Benefits cannot be used for third party purchases without FFC consent. Program abuses will result in forfeiture of membership.